How We Do It


Careful listening. Creative ideation. Frank discussion. Energetic implementation. These guide the development of your strategic roadmap to success.


+ Legislative tracking, research, and analysis

+ Issue advocacy and management through preparation of public testimony and direct lobbying

+ Public, community, and media relations utilizing integrated messaging focused on reputation management and business development

+ Coalition building and stakeholder engagement through community and civic participation

+ Special event planning and production

+ Political campaign management and fundraising strategy

+ Corporate social responsibility development and implementation



Practice Areas


Advocacy on a particular issue. Messaging, collateral, and implementation. A press conference. Strategic outreach to community stakeholders. Public affairs leadership. Coalition building and partnership development. Policy and strategic research.


Cogent Public Affairs. An Austin, Texas-based woman-owned firm bringing decades of experience to work on your behalf.


Let's talk about how we can help you.




Why Cogent Public Affairs?


Relationships and reputation are the crux of public affairs. Forged over more than two decades working with leaders across the nation, Cogent Public Affairs has developed bipartisan alliances with elected officials and political and community leadership, built on a foundation of respect, trust and loyalty.


Government regulation and legislation affects just about every industry and business in Texas. We can help you identify and develop your goals then tirelessly leverage our network to strategize and advocate for your issues, working to ensure that your business can continue to prosper and grow in Texas.






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